The Institute Presentation

Have you ever been in the scenario when someone asks you what is digital Arts and Humanities? You may give a broad and confident reply like ‘Digital Humanities is a collective of subjects created to recognize, develop, build, analyse, and research the digital and its impact on humanity. And you feel smug by your well-rehearsed answer, nod the head at your peer until that person asks…… ‘what do you mean?’ I have discovered that my answer varies depending on who I am talking to. As DH is broad and hermeneutic in nature, I have noticed if the person asking me is technologically minded, I would answer with emphasis on my Practical learning like WordPress, creative commons, Zotero and data wrapper however, if the person is more academically minded, I would answer with inspirational digital activists and share the story of Aron Swartz, Tim Berners Lee, Lipstadt, Lessig, and Jaron Lanier……..