OUR TEAM’s digital artifact is the online Timeline of dissemination and participatory platforms commonly known as ‘Social Media Platforms.’

Mary suggested in Email a timeline and we all agreed by email that a this would be our digital artefact, we then discussed Timeline topics. However, I found this asynchronous communication to be too slow, and I set up the WhatsApp group, and we communicated much easier and faster on this platform. We ended up working on my suggestive Timeline topic of Dissemination Participatory Platforms (Social Media), I suggested that we start with Plato Systems, and Barry suggested that we end with a Platform Prediction. Over the next few days, I heard an interview On RTE talking about the new Social Media Platform Parler, I WhatsApp the group’s the suggestion, Barry asked if he could do the Parler research, and we all agreed.

 At our 2nd meeting, I found a very detailed but basic Social Media Timeline and brought it to the group google documents. From this, we could delete what we felt was irrelevant to our Timeline, we Prioritize Platforms. We decided that we would focus on the most influential Media Platforms and go into the depths to 6-8. I concentrated on Plato, Sixdegrees.com and Tik Tok, Mary focused on LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter.  I asked the group what they thought their strongest attributes were to this project, and I said mine would not be the technical side, we discovered that Reece strength was programming a Digital Artifact, Barry’s strength is in designing and creating digital images, and that Mary and Myself were good at research and writing. I was mindful of the fact that Reece needed us to finish our pieces first, and I suggested deadlines. We all worked together, and Reece had enough time to put it all together and write a piece about My Space.

 I felt my role was to bring the team together, research, organize meeting dates and discover each other’s talents to get the job done. Overall, the team has been proactive and has worked well together.

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Collaborative Digital Artefact

Timeline of Social Media