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Irish Sea Shells, 2022, Onóir O Brien- Digital Fine Art.


When it comes to art I am always evolving, and growing each new technique. Since I was a child, I’ve always been one to express my emotions and thoughts via art; I’d draw, paint, rip, cut, stick, break, and create; nothing was safe around me! When I was 9 years old, I cut up a bunch of family photos to make a collage, my mother who always encouraged my creativity went crazy that day and I quickly learnt about boundaries. Fast forward a few years and I was awarded my degree in Crawford Art College and as the digital world grew, I grew with it. I returned to education and was awarded a postgrad in Digital Arts and Humanities from University College Cork. I discovered Digital Art and I soon learned I could bring my traditional drawing and painting techniques to a digital platform. The overall skill and practice are the same, and there’s less mess, which allows me to devote more time to my painting. 
My style has always been to bring what I feel about an object or place, for example when I look at a simple thing like a sea shell I draw how I think and feel, how nature has created something so beautiful and small and how its just left on the beach for us  humans to admire. Yet, as a society, we have become too busy to notice the little miracle that is right in front of our eyes. All of these thoughts while painting are reflected in anything I paint, so I believe my painting style can never be pigeonholed because it is realism mixed with abstract and contemporary, and each piece evokes a different style.

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